3D Scanning Services


Dedicated to providing the highest quality services around, Purple Porcupine offers professional 3D scanning services using the eviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro.

Professional 3D Scanning

Receive a comprehensive picture of the geometry you’re trying to capture with 3D scanning services from Purple Porcupine. Our scanning services will give you an extremely accurate three-dimensional representation of your model. From parts small to large, our team can capture the fine detail.

Your CAD data can be applied to a wide variety of applications, from reverse engineering to product development to adjusting organic or complex geometries that you would otherwise be unable to replicate.

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Product Development

Looking to create a unique product from an existing model? Purple Porcupine’s 3D scanning services allow you to adjust CAD data from a prototype or functional part.

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Reverse Engineering

The eviXscan Heavy Duty Quadro 3D scanner allows you to capture high-resolution geometry of both small and large detailed objects. From small medical parts to large aerospace parts, our team will use CAD data to regenerate part geometry.

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Looking to replicate obsolete hardware? Our 3D scan-to-print service will allow you to perfectly recreate fixtures. Printed in a durable FDM material, your new hardware will be a functional end-use part.

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At Purple Porcupine, you can depend on our 3D printing & rapid prototyping service to be exceptional, and our 3D printed models to hold tight tolerances with premium finishes. We use only the best of rapid prototyping technologies that will provide optimal solutions to change the way you design and create products.

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