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Through highly accurate, cost-effective and time-efficient processes, 3D rapid prototypes can be created in mere days.


Create durable parts with strong, industrial quality materials for  tooling that performs under pressure.


Expand production without delays, for faster launch times and flexibility with the technology’s high throughput combined with best-in-class repeatability.

3D Scanning

Our scanning services will give you an extremely accurate three-dimensional representationof your model. From parts small to large, our team can capture the fine detail.

CAD Design

Developing innovative products demands the contribution of an experienced 3D CAD designer. We can help you take products from conceptualization through the design process efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why Purple?

In 2007 we entered the manufacturing world as an early adopter of 3D printing. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of businesses throughout the country, from Fortune 100 companies to small startups, create their products. With an extensive line of 3D printing solutions, and a committed, knowledgeable team of additive experts, Purple Porcupine provides companies the tools needed to bring their innovative ideas to life. So why the name? It’s because we know that people remember it, and it’s fun.

From design, to prototyping, to manufacturing, we have the additive technology to support each stage of your product’s lifecycle. Find a showroom near you.

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Our Valued Customers

With a team of knowledgeable industry experts, Purple is dedicated to giving our customers the best service and quality around. To start your project, request a quote today.

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With an extensive product line and a committed, knowledgeable team of industry experts, Purple Platypus is able to provide
businesses the technology needed to bring their innovative designs and ideas to life.


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Tours By Appointment Only