RTV Tooling & Cast Urethane


Producing low to medium volume parts? Validating design features and assembly conditions? Our RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) molding service is the perfect solution.

Why RTV Tooling?

Capture and replicate fine surface detail with RTV molding (also known as urethane casting, RTV tooling, silicone tooling, soft tooling).

The high-grade silicone used with urethane casting allows for part features that are impossible with conventional tooling, such as:
• No-draft surfaces
• Variable wall thickness
• Undercuts

From casting rigid structural components to flexible over-molds, there is a material to suit any function (strength, flexibility, transparency, porosity) – all at a fraction of the cost of injection molds.

RTV molding is easier to modify than hard tooling. And your model can be manufactured quickly to prove out your design prior to production.

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The Process

In the RTV tooling process, liquid silicone rubber is poured around a master pattern. The resulting mold is pulled from the pattern and cured. The subsequent pattern is used to cast urethane parts.

Your part can be cast in a wide range of material options, from rigid urethane and epoxy, soft rubber, or flexible foam. Material properties from 10 Shore A to 80 Shore D can be achieved. Once cast, the part can be painted, and then is ready as assembly or as turnkey housings.

How It Works

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Reach out to our team through the above form or upload your 3D part file through our secure online upload system.

Finalize Your Design
Whether you’re using our CAD design engineering services or have a completed 3D design, our team will evaluate your file for the mold process and help you understand your material options, while making sure your part prints error-free.

Once the model has been finalized and approved for production, we will print your master pattern and can start the production process.

Create The Mold
Lead time differs from project to project, depending on part complexity and production volume. Our team will work with you to expedite your time-to-market.

At Purple Porcupine, you can depend on our 3D printing & rapid prototyping service to be exceptional, and our 3D printed models to hold tight tolerances with premium finishes. We use only the best of rapid prototyping technologies that will provide optimal solutions to change the way you design and create products.

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