Direct-to-Textile 3D Printing


Create intricate designs and upscale products on a wide range of fabrics, from suede to denim. Applications range from automotive interior to customized branding on consumer goods, clothing, and accessories.

Maserati Interior

Unleash Your Creativity

With over 600,000 matte and glossy colors, including Pantone Validated, and a variety of fabrics, direct-to-textile printing will elevate any of your designs. Print up to 7 different materials directly onto textiles with varying transparency and textures. 

Eliminate the need for traditional manufacturing by printing designs directly onto textiles and garments. Direct-to-textile printing allows for adhesion on a variety of pourous materials like denim, jersey, cotton, linen, suede and more.

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This technology is used for more than just fashion; it’s used for automotive and aerospace interior, packaging, footwear, interior design, and much more. 

Maserati Interior

Automotive Interior


Consumer Goods

Alexander McQueen Sneaker






Print on Fabric J850 TechStyle

How It Works

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