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From the design stage to prototyping to manufacturing, you can depend on our Pennsylvania team to provide exceptional solutions that will bring your next big idea to reality.

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No matter what industry you come from, rapid prototyping is changing the way business is done.

Virtually every industry is able to perfect its product without wasting money on expensive tooling, multiple design iterations and production costs. Here at Purple Porcupine, we shorten your time-to-market, so you can stay competitive in the East Coast marketplace.

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3D printed pink, red, and green nailpolish bottles and blue perfume bottle with butterflies on it.


Full color • Multi-material


Strong • High-temperature • Impact-resistant

Origin One parts stacked on a build


End-use parts • Durable  

About Us

In 2007 we entered the manufacturing world as an early adopter of 3D printing. Since then, we’ve expanded to Pittsburgh and have helped thousands of businesses on the East Coast, from Fortune 100 companies to small startups, create their products. With an extensive line of 3D printing solutions, and a committed, knowledgeable team of additive experts, Purple Porcupine provides companies the tools needed to bring their innovative ideas to life. So why the name? It’s because we know that people remember it, and it’s fun.

From the design, to prototyping, to manufacturing, we have the additive technology to support each stage of your product’s lifecycle.

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3D Printing Services

Fast Turnaround • Prototyping • Production • Tooling



Functional prototypes, jigs, and fixtures. From high-strength to temperature resistant, we have a material to fit your application.

polyjet heart model


Create prototypes that look, feel, and operate like finished parts. With over 650,00 colors no idea is too big.

sla parts on build tray


Build prototypes with superior surface quality, detail, and accuracy. Perfect for investment casting and composite tooling.

SAF parts made of PA11


The adaptability of additive brought to production quantities. Create accurate and durable parts print after print.

origin one


Enable mass production of end-use parts in a diverse range of high-performance materials.

rtv molding

RTV Molding

Our RTV tooling and cast urethane services are suited for low to medium volume production and assembly conditions. 


3D Scanning

Receive exceptional and highly-detailed models of your object quickly. Perfect for quality control and reverse engineering.

CAD design

3D CAD Design

Let our experts do the heavy lifting. All you have to do is give us your idea and we’ll bring it to life.